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With today’s demand for 24/7 access to business data and applications, a disaster of any size is enough to keep IT teams awake at night. It might be an outage that takes down your entire system, a security breach that corrupts your data, or simply the inability to restore data if and when it’s accidentally—or maliciously—deleted…

Why is Data Backup and Recovery so Important?

Regardless of the size of your business, it’s likely that data is an essential aspect of running it. If you don’t yet have a solid plan to keep your data safe, there are three things you should consider:

  • All humans make errors.
  • All computer systems crash.
  • Disasters happen when you’re least prepared.

In the event of any of the above situations, you need to have your data backed up and available.

 Next I.T’s BaaS (Backup as a Service) platform reliably backs up and recovers critical IT business processes and data to support business resiliency. nextBDR provides comprehensive disaster data recovery services, including health monitoring as well as continuous replication of applications, infrastructure, data and cloud systems.

Cloud Application Backups

nextBDR CLOUD backs up SharePoint, OneDrive, Contacts / Calendars / Tasks, Groups & Teams, Shared Mailboxes and Public Folders

  • Automated and incremental backup
  • Data availability and service update >= 99.99%
  • 256-bit (AES) encryption at rest and in transit

On Premise Server Backups

nextBDR 180 provides continuous image-based server backups of physical and virtual servers. Grab a missing file, restore an entire data volume, or restore a failed server’s system to a new physical or virtual machine.

  • Backs up to local NAS & replicates to our cloud datacenter
  • Recover to dissimilar hardware or virtual environments
  • Confirm and validate backup images proactively
  • AES 256-bit encryption for data security (in-flight and at rest)
  • Granular Exchange server recovery

Reliable Data Recovery Solutions for Businesses

We understand how stressful it can be to deal with lost data and fallen networks. As a small business owner or I.T. manager, you want to keep all your information safe and your network running smoothly. However, errors occur. Human mistake, malicious activity, and lack of upkeep are all threats that can affect small to medium businesses anywhere. 

The best way to prevent your data is by protecting it. However, having a backup plan is just as important. At Next I.T., we offer comprehensive and reliable data recovery services that can help you restore your business’s vital information. Ensure your business has a backup plan for a data loss situation, partner with Next I.T. today!

Server backup for businesses.

Office Equipment Data Recovery

Data recovery services for drives.

At Next I.T., we can help recover data from single-source storage. We use an innovative data recovery process that includes the newest technology, experienced technicians, and deep research that can recover data from office equipment, including:

  • Corporate Smartphones 
  • Laptops & Desktops
  • Hard Drives
  • Flash Drives
  • External Drives
  • Encrypted Drives
  • DVR Data, and much more

Enterprise Storage Data Recovery

Server data recovery for businesses.

As the #1 commercial data recovery company in Western Michigan, we offer solutions for recovering lost data from enterprise storage. This requires specialized knowledge to handle extensive and complex file systems. Our enterprise data recovery software, nextBDR, can help restore data from any source, including:

  • RAID Data Recovery
  • SAN Data Recovery
  • NAS Data Recovery
  • Server Data Recovery
  • Database Recovery

Let Us Help You With Your Technology Needs!

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Prevent Disasters with the Right I.T. Managed Service Provider at Your Side

At Next I.T., we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive I.T. solutions for small to medium-sized businesses in Western Michigan. Aside from disaster recovery, we also focus on disaster prevention solutions that aim to avoid any data loss from happening in the first place.

We offer the most comprehensive, reliable, and innovative server and cloud backup services in your area. Our advanced nextBDR software guarantees cloud backups of your data on the most important platforms. Our software also provides server backups  of physical and virtual servers.

Remote Support When You Need it Most

Our data backup and data recovery services are available whenever and wherever you are. We offer 24/7 HelpDesk Remote Support to answer your backup and disaster recovery needs. Our US-based helpdesk includes a team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians that can help you in any situation. Moreover, we use leading technologies to help guarantee 24/7 communication is available so you can reach us anywhere.

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Why You Need a Data Backup Software

You can’t run a business without its data. Ensuring your most vital and sensitive information is protected must be your top priority. Through backup storage solutions, business owners and I.T. managers can get peace of mind knowing their data is always safe. Our commercial data recovery and backup services offer the following benefits:


Solutions Tailored to You

We create backup and disaster recovery strategies that are tailor-made to your business. We adapt our solutions to your current I.T. network, your business goals, needs, and budget.


Remote File Access

With reliable and effective backup software, you and your employees can access important information wherever they are. We guarantee your data is always accessible when you need it most.

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Prevent and Recover from Disasters

Regularly executed backups are the best way to mitigate the impact of cybersecurity threats. Moreover, Next I.T. ‘s comprehensive services guarantee that if any data is lost or tampered with, it will be restored.


Prevent Human Error

Automated data backups can help reduce the impact of any accidental data loss. Lost devices and physical damages will have a reduced impact on your data preservation efforts.

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Keeping Your Data Protected is a Continuous Effort

At Next I.T., we are with you at every step of your data protection journey. Our backup and data recovery services include a full strategy that adapts to your business needs and budget. This strategy includes effective server and cloud storage backup efforts that keep your data protected from hackers, human error, and network failures. We provide continuous testing to ensure our software is working effectively and your data is 100% protected.

Additionally, we offer recovery solutions for loss data from single-source storage such as phones and laptops, or from enterprise storage such as your business servers.

Is Your Data Secure?

Ensure your vital information is protected by partnering with the right I.T. Managed Service Provider. At Next I.T., we offer backup and disaster recovery solutions that guarantee your most important data is always accessible and safe. Get in touch with us today and let’s start planning your data protection and disaster recovery strategy.

Why Choose Next I.T.?

Next I.T. is the #1 Managed I.T. Service Provider in Western Michigan. We offer commercial I.T. solutions for small to medium-sized businesses in Kalamazoo, Muskegon, Traverse City, and Grand Rapids, MI. We have years of experience helping companies in our area equip their I.T. infrastructure with the right security features. 

Our backup and data recovery services come hand-in-hand with the most innovative, cost-effective, and efficient software that helps prevent and restore data loss. Moreover, we offer comprehensive I.T. solutions that include:

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Leverage Technology

Upgrade your technology and reap the benefits of an innovative network.


Increase Productivity

Latest technology and communication to increase efficiency.


Reduce Risks

Ensure your sensitive data is protected with full-service cybersecurity efforts.

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