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During these trying times, most of our clients have told us that they are working to get their users converted to a “work-at-home” configuration practically overnight. While there are some long-term considerations to ensure the right precautions are taken for privacy and security, getting employees working right away is very important.

A Business Continuity for Remote Employees Security Assessment focuses on the long game approach to securing and deploying a mobile workforce. Physical security, third-party management, capacity planning, and other categories allow for a proper rollout of a work-from-home strategy. Using the Strategic Roadmap and Budget Report ensures your organization is secure from vulnerabilities inside and out of your network.

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Tips to Share with Employees Who are Working Remotely



Check out our Cisco Partnered case study featuring KDP Retirement Plan Services and their struggle with working from home with an obsolete phone system. Fill out the form below to download.