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At Next I.T., we provide 24/7 I.T. support in Michigan. From I.T. service management to cyber security and cloud services, our I.T. services company offers premier IT solutions for businesses. Give us a call and discover how great local IT services and support can be!

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November 2023

why choose next I.T.?

You may be worried about the increasing expenses of your IT services. Alternatively, you may not have enough time and need to give control to someone else. Whatever your reason, our Michigan I.T. company can help you with quality and professional services today. We can help business owners in Western Michigan protect their resources and take advantage of the right tools to improve processes.

Our custom I.T. services for businesses packages deliver what you need and want without overstepping the boundaries of your budget. From desktop to data center, our 24/7 I.T. support is here to assist your business. 

If your company is in Muskegon, Traverse City, Grand Rapids, or Kalamazoo area, Next I.T. can help you today.


Top organizations use technology to meet business goals. These organizations treat information as a strategic resource instead of a simple shared process. It is integrated in what they do, not just added on as a necessary evil.​ Modern businesses rely on high-quality resources to provide their services. Our I.T. services company can ensure these are always available for your business to run smoothly.


With the right tools, your team can streamline processes, collaborate with others, and save time resulting in improved overall productivity. With Next I.T., any company can use technology more effectively on virtually any budget. Our I.T. services for businesses provide long-term solutions. Whether you own a big or small business, our IT service delivery can help you increase productivity.


Security threats continue to evolve. Consider what you do on a daily basis. Now, imagine trying to run your organization without access to the technology that makes it all possible. We can help you create a customized and reliable solution that makes business sense for you. Our I.T. company understands how valuable these resources are, and why securing them is vital. Moreover, our highly trained technical support specialists are always available for 24/7 I.T. support.

Our IT Services in Michigan

We provide full-service information technology (I.T.) solutions for businesses in Michigan. From proactive maintenance to data recovery, our I.T. company offers comprehensive I.T. services for businesses. You can count on our support services for any emergencies, we are always available.

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Next I.T. Consultants are the most qualified, experienced and multi-skilled technology experts in Western Michigan.

With Next I.T. as Your Strategic, Technology Partner, You Can:

We provide top-notch I.T. service management, backup services, cyber security services, and more to meet your business needs. Our Western Michigan I.T. company offers the professional I.T. solutions you need to stay protected and unlock your full potential.

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Customized I.T. for your Business:

Next I.T. will consult with you on the types of I.T. services that ensure your technology solution is secure. We also guarantee they are just right for your business requirements.

Next I.T. provides I.T. Consultation and Installation with our trusted vendor products, while providing meticulous planning. Our I.T. services company provides very detailed work plans to detail what step of your I.T. Project we are at.

Safeguard your business in the event of a disaster with I.T. Administration and Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Top organizations use technology to meet business goals. These organizations treat information as a strategic resource instead of a simple shared process.

Our I.T. company provides you with the ITSM tools and resources to help your company be more efficient.

We will be working behind the scenes with proactive network security monitoring to ensure that we catch problems before you do. This will effectively eliminate downtime. We provide you with the necessary reporting to show you what is happening on your network. Moreover, we highlight how we can make your business run more efficiently.

What Our Customers Have to Say

"NextIT staff provides services at the highest level. With quick response times and knowledgeable staff, NextIT has been there for us for everything from network hardware installation to deep-dive resolutions of hard-to-find network issues. Highly recommended."
- Jim C.
"By proactively looking for and solving tech issue before they occur, Next I.T. helps us avoid tech emergencies. When we do need help, the service is fast, efficient and well organized. Quite often, the person answering the phone is able to solve the problem immediately. Can’t say enough good about Eric and his team!."
- Nathan T.


This term refers to a business that specializes in providing technology-related products, services, and solutions to organizations and individuals. These companies typically operate in the field of information technology and offer a wide range of services. These include hardware installation and maintenance, network solutions, and cybersecurity. Other solutions also include data management, cloud computing, and IT consulting. 

Choosing the right company is an important decision that can have a significant impact on your business. You must ensure you partner with the right company for your business.

There are several compelling reasons why you should consider partnering with an MSP for your I.T. needs, including:

  • Expertise and Specialization. You gain access to a team of professionals who are well-versed in a range of relevant information. This includes the latest technologies, industry best practices, and emerging trends. 
  • Cost Efficiency. Hiring and maintaining an in-house I.T. team can be costly considering recruitment, training, salary, and other expenses. On the other hand, outsourcing I.T. services to a specialized company has many advantages. It allows you to access their resources, infrastructure, and expertise. 
  • Access to Advanced Technologies. These companies invest in cutting-edge tools, ITSM software, and infrastructure to deliver high-quality services to their clients. By partnering with one, you gain access to advanced technologies that can enhance your operations, improve efficiency, and drive innovation.
  • Proactive Maintenance and Support. These companies monitor your systems, identify potential issues, and take proactive measures to prevent disruptions and downtime.
  • Enhanced Security. MSPs can conduct security audits, implement firewalls, encryption, and intrusion detection systems, and provide ongoing monitoring and threat response services. This helps safeguard your business from cyber threats and ensures compliance with data protection regulations.

The ITSM framework focuses on aligning I.T. services with the needs and objectives of the business. Next I.T.’s ITSM includes:

  • Network and Server Management
  • Software and Technology Infrastructure
  • Cloud-Based Services
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Network Security and Risk Management
  • IT Service Desk/Help Desk

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